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Love Your Buns Angora Homepage
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NASSA-the sheep are out of this world!
shettland sheep breeders association!
fiber arts studio- organic fiber products and so much more!
vermont spinning guilds listed by interweave press

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Gemstone , crystal, fw pearl VT artesian ewenique jewelry

ewenique jewelry designs, made in vermont usa:


Love Your Buns Angora Rabbitry
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Lots of excellent sites listed for spinners, weavers & Shepherds - See our link under "Rabbits"
angora rabbit fan club page
A place were angora lovers can share @ angora rabbit raising & spnning, weaving, knitting, felting angora wool.
Mountainspun Shetland Sheep and Fiber Arts Eweporium Farm
Nassa Registered Shetland Sheep and Lambs , Wonderful Organicly raised and processed wool products, fiber arts equipment and knitting supplies!

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Love Your Buns Rabbitry and Online Cage Supply

Jacksonville VT

100% New Import Lines of German Angora Bunnies Raised With Love

Black Giant Angora Rabbits, Raised to ARBA show Standards

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